A game of endless hours of fun!

Why do players love DuckHunt?

DuckHunt is a really fun game, and people love it. Here’s why:


Friendly and Easy to Understand

DuckHunt is easy to understand and play, as you only have to remember 2 commands, but it’s also powerful and can give hints to hunters for them to get better.


Hunter Statistics

DuckHunt collects statistics and allows hunters to compete using topscores boards or by viewing their/someone else detailed hunter card.


DuckHunt is Fast

DuckHunt is used by more than 2000 servers, but it’s still really fast and has a stellar uptime, so hunters will always be able to hunt.


Funny and Humourous

With a lot of inside jokes, funniest ranks of all the bots, and a lot of surprises, DuckHunt is fun to play with!